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Established in 1985, Machine and Process Design is a leader in the design and fabrication of high quality equipment to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Industries we serve include: dairy, food, pet food, chemical, cement and more.
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Machine and Process Design was established in 1985.  We have spent the last 30 years focusing on the design and fabrication of high quality equipment to meet the specific requirements of our customers.  Industries we serve include:  dairy, food, pet food, chemical, cement, agricultural and pharmaceutical.

Over the last 30 years, we have developed a wide variety of product lines.  Our material handling product line includes vibratory conveyors, vibrating screening conveyors, storage bins, surge bins, tumbling / coating / enrobing drums, and sanitary belt conveyors.  In our size reduction product line we offer Rigimills®, Crushers, and Crumblers in five different series with over 50 configurations.

We have a full service test lab for testing your product to ensure the right machine and configuration is used for the job.

Having partnered with many food manufacturers, we have developed special processing systems for their specific processing needs. These systems along with many of our standard offerings are being utilized to help them achieve maximum processing efficiencies.

We take pride in our equipment and look forward to providing our customers value added solutions now and in the future.

Today we continue to design equipment meeting multitudes of sanitary standards such as BIISC, GMA, and USDA dairy.  We pride ourselves in our ability to find sanitary solutions to your processing needs.