Crushers For The Cement Industry

Temperature & Moisture

Changes in temperature and moisture levels, along with long storage cycles can lead to Portland Cement sticking to silo walls. When these agglomerations release from the silo wall they can enter the system in lumps as large as eight inches, which can be damaging to equipment downstream of the silo.

Installing a Machine & Process Design Gravity Screener Transition and a Dual Rotor Crusher can help solve this problem. On spec material passes through the Gravity Screener Transition and oversized material is redirected to a Dual Rotor Crusher where is it crushed down to a maximum of ¾” before it is blended back into the main product stream.

Decreasing Particle Size

Using a crusher to eliminate oversize material can minimize plugging in loading spouts when filling trucks or railcars. The Dual Rotor Crusher from Machine & Process Design is made with heavy duty plate steel, robust rotors, and hard-faced crusher teeth, making it well suited for cement and fly ash applications. Air purge seals and air flow meters are provided for crushers in cement terminals due to the dusty environment.

We have many of these systems successfully installed across the United States that have been in service for many years. Contact us to get your project started!


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