Custom Cement Lump Breaking Solutions For Your Cement Conveying Challenges

Cement Lump Breaking Solutions By Design, Built To Last

Anoka, Minnesota –Machine and Process Design offers customized lump breaking solutions for cement manufacturers who struggle with lumping during storage. With more than 30 years in the cement lump breaking industry, the Machine and Process Design engineers know how to break up cement lumps. We partner with you to design a solution to your specific cement delumping and processing problem.

Custom Cement Lump Breaker That Integrates Seamlessly Into Your Conveying System

You have a small window of time to break down lumps of cement and convey the cement to your fleet of ready-mix trucks waiting to take your product to job sites. You need a cement lump breaker that can integrate seamlessly into your air slide conveying system without slowing it down or clogging up the works.

We engineer your Heavy Duty Cement Crusher to integrate with your existing air slide system. We can design equipment that breaks clumps of cement as it moves down the air slide or when it reaches the end of your conveying system.

Cement Lump Breaking Machinery Built To Work And Last

We can configure our cement crusher many ways. Your cement will come out consistently smooth and ready to mix, even when your customers demand lumps ¾ of an inch in diameter or smaller.

Our cement lump breaking machines are proudly manufactured in the Midwest by a team with decades of experience in the machine and process design industry. Our on-site engineers thoroughly test your cement lump breaking equipment with your actual product so it runs flawlessly for years.

Every cement crusher we design is built for robustness. You can trust it to perform seamlessly and last for decades. We have a commitment to quality that is rare in our industry. The robust design of our cement crushers ensures your equipment will stand up to years of hard work and abuse.

For more information on our custom cement crushers, contact the sales team at Machine and Process Design. Call toll-free at 1-877-224-0653 or visit


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