Dual Rotor Crushers Offer Exceptional Quality And Customizable Design

Solutions By Design, Built To Last

Anoka, Minnesota – Machine and Process Design is proud to design and build every piece of equipment to solve the most difficult processing problems. Our custom dual rotor crushers are excellent at breaking up lumps, clumps, and solving any conglomerated challenges in food, agriculture, high-end chemical, and dry powder processing. With more than 30 years in the industry, the Machine and Process Design engineers are here to partner with you to design a solution to your specific process problem.

For Process Problems, Dual Rotor Crushers Offer Solutions

Your product presents its own set of lump breaking challenges, whether you manufacture food, cement, salt, or dog kibble. Your manufacturing process requires a customized solution that will work flawlessly without slowing down production. Our custom dual rotor crushers are built to integrate directly with your existing process.

Machine and Process Design has a fully stocked test lab so you can test your material in our equipment to buy with confidence. We build crushers in different series and have more than 50 different sizes to find the delumping solution to your material, flow rate, and budget.

Our machines are proudly manufactured in the Midwest by a team with decades of experience in the machine and process design industry. Our on-site engineers thoroughly test your equipment with your actual product so it runs flawlessly for years.

Delumping Equipment Built To Last

Every dual rotor crusher we design is built for robustness, to delump seamlessly and last for decades. We offer a commitment to quality that is rare in our industry. The robust design of our dual rotor crushers ensures your equipment will stand up to years of hard work and abuse.

For more information on our dual rotor crusher, contact the sales team at Machine and Process Design. Call toll-free at 1-877-224-0653 or visit www.mpd-inc.com.


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