Heavy-Duty Block Crushers

Heavy-Duty Block Crushers

Machine & Process Design heavy-duty block crushers are built for high torque and force to tackle the most challenging, hard-to-break blocks. Heavy-duty block crushers are purposely designed rugged to work with abrasive, tough to grind ap-plications.

These single-rotor units have custom-specific rotors to provide a high force with a large bite for large blocks or products.

Achieve a wide range of desired particle sizes with custom-made interchangeable screens. Quicklysubstitute screens to switch products or achieve the final desired particle sizes. Side-accessible splitscreens and grids are available for quick access.

These heavy-duty machines are built to last. Choose from a selection of rotors and housings that prolong wear resistance and the life of the equipment. Outfit your crusher with replaceable wear liners to extend its life further.

Machine & Process Design crushers are designed to allow easy access to bearings and seal housings for easy maintenance and cleaning.


For Heavy-Duty Block Crushers

  • Large Block Crushing
  • Size Reduction for Melting 
  • Frozen Products

For Heavy-Duty Block Crushers

  • Cocoa Liquor Blocks
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Frozen Meat
  • Post-Crushing Briqueter

Heavy-Duty Block Crushers

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