Innovative Coating Drum Solutions

Stainless steel coating drum with spraying arm ready to coat material.

MPD’s Dynamic Partnership with Spraying Systems Co.

In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing and processing, precision and innovation are important. At Machine & Process Design (MPD), our commitment to advancing coating technology is exemplified through our strategic partnership with Spraying Systems Co., the global leader in spray nozzle manufacturing.

In this article, we will introduce Spraying Systems Co. and explore their extensive capabilities. Additionally, we will highlight several of our most successful projects and the details involved, showcasing the value of our collaboration for coating drum solutions.

Introducing Spraying Systems Co.

Spraying Systems Co. has a rich legacy as the foremost manufacturer of spray nozzles. They offer tens of thousands of standard products that can be shipped within one day. Moreover, their local spray technology experts work closely with customers to optimize operations and foster sustainable manufacturing practices. Furthermore, Spraying Systems Co. showcases their engineering prowess by developing hundreds of custom nozzles, injectors, and headers each year. This dedication to solving complex spray technology challenges sets them apart.

In particular, Spraying Systems Co. excels in producing unique spray patterns, droplet sizes, and flow rates. This precision is crucial for achieving specific results in various industries, including food processing, bakery, dairy, meat and poultry, pet food, beverages, and wine. Consequently, their expertise spans processes such as coating operations, food safety enhancement, and cleanup efficiency.

Showcasing Our Success – Coating Drum Solutions

In our market, some customers require an additional process step while tumbling. Whether adding an oil-based application, sugar, or additives, we team up with Spraying Systems Co. to develop a custom design that delivers the final product our customers need.

Here are a few examples of how MPD has worked with Spraying Systems Co. to provide optimal solutions for manufacturing challenges:

Dry Roasted Chickpeas Coating

This project used a 36” diameter drum, 96” in length, to coat dry roasted chickpeas, green peas, and lentils with oil and seasonings.

Plant-Based Protein Coating

In a unique seasoning system project, our 36” diameter, 96” long stainless steel model handled dry seasoning additives. The AutoJetⓇ modular spraying system managed the wet additives, an oil-based slurry. Moreover, the same equipment was also used for sugar coating on marshmallows.

Ceramic Granule Coating

Our 36” diameter, 60” long carbon steel model played a crucial role in applying an oil/organic solvent with the help of a Liquid Addition cap system from Spraying Systems Co.

Distribution of Our Collaborative Efforts

These projects highlight the synergies between MPD and Spraying Systems Co., creating solutions that optimized coating processes across diverse industries. For more information on spray control systems, visit

As we continue to pioneer advancements in coating technology, our collaboration stands as a testament to the power of strategic partnerships in driving innovation. Together, MPD and Spraying Systems Co. are redefining the possibilities in coating technology, one customized solution at a time.

Ready to Elevate Your Operations?

If you’re inspired by the capabilities and success stories of our coating drum solutions and our collaboration with Spraying Systems Co., we invite you to contact us for more information. Our team is ready to help you find tailored solutions for your specific application. Reach out today and discover how we can enhance your processes and drive success for your business with our innovative coating technology collaboration.


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