Portable Vibratory Conveyors That Protect And Contain Your Product

Easier Cleaning, Flexible Building

Separating oversized or undersized material can generate a lot of dust, and with bulky machines, that can make maintaining a clean work area a challenge. With a portable vibratory conveyor, however, the equipment can be moved, so you can clean underneath or move it to a clean room.

But cleaning isn’t the only benefit of portability. A portable vibratory conveyor does not transmit load. That means no resonant frequency. Incorporating portable vibratory conveyors into a process translates to an ability to build taller. Build up instead of just out, because you don’t have to worry about the machine’s effects of resonance on structural integrity. Put machines on the mezzanine.

Most vibratory conveyors need to be rigidly secured in place to be used. Not portable vibratory conveyor. Imagine what you can do when you have the freedom to move your equipment around as needed to suit your process and your building.

Portable Vibratory Conveyors That Screen/Scalp, Transport, Protect Your Product, And Contain Your Product

Our portable vibratory conveyors can be designed to screen fines, scalp overs and cordially convey product while minimizing product breakage and/or loss of applied coatings.

When working with unfriendly product characteristics such as very dusty, and/or hygroscopic materials our vibratory conveyors contain the product with tight sealing covers for contamination prevention and containing dusty product.

This prevents damage from dust to other equipment and keeps the surrounding environment clean.

Our vibratory conveyors are designed to provide functionality, sanitation, low energy consumption and long life.

Ideal for use with: Soy, Flax, Cereal, Pet food, Pet Treats, Cocoa Liquor, Candy, Cookies/Crackers

Machine and Process Design will work with you to design a portable vibratory conveyor that integrates into your process while staying within your budget. Request a quote at [email protected] or call toll free 1-877-224-0653 today.


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