Rugged Rigimill (TM) Hammermill

Rugged Rigimill (TM) Hammermill

The Rigimill® Is A Fixed Blade Hammermill That Can Be Used In A Wide Range Of Applications From Pre-Breaking To Fine-Grinding.

Robust design and construction are fundamental to this machine with long life and ruggedness.

Hard faced Hammers, AR Wear liners, and thick Steel Construction

The Rigimill doesn’t require a set speed to function due to the non-swinging hammers which allows for greater refinement in the desired output of particle size.

Rigimills grind and break up material using continual variable-speed hammer blows, which these hammers are offered in a variety of configurations.

With custom-made interchangeable screens, a wide range of desired particle sizes can be achieved and quickly substituted when switching products or final desired particle sizes.

The sizing screen is quickly removed through access to the front door of the machine

Our machines achieve much closer hammer-to-screen clearances for finer grinding, cooler operating temperatures, and uniform particle sizes.

These machines are custom-made to fit your application flow rates.

This is why this design is superior in these applications.


For Industrial Grade Rigid Blade Hammermills - Rigimills ®

  • Bulk Material Size Reduction
  • Pre-Breaking to Fine Grinding
  • Densifying Material
  • Reclamation/Recycling

For For Rigimill® Sanitary Rigid Blade Hammer Mills

  • Pet Food regrind
  • Tobacco
  • Hemp
  • Bulk Material Processing
  • Aquafeed
  • Crackers
  • Material Densification
  • Building Material Reclaim

Industrial Grade Rigid Blade Hammermills - Rigimills ®

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