Sanitary Lump Breaking Crushers

Sanitary Lump Breaking Crushers

Machine & Process Design’s sanitary stainless dual rotor crushers achieve excellent lump breaking of bulk material in processes where lumps are problematic, including pneumatic conveying and screw conveying.

Our application engineers can help you customize the machine for your specific application needs. We fabricate eight different crusher series available in small to large sizes and more than 50 configurations that allow you to customize your machine to fit your flow rate, performance needs, and your budget.

With custom-made interchangeable screens, achieve a wide range of desired particle sizes. Quickly substitute screens to switch products or achieve the final desired particle sizes. These crushers are designed for quick access to bearings and seal housings for easy cleaning and maintenance.

These crushers are available in industrial carbon steel grade, sanitary stainless steel food grade, and dairy grade design and construction. All dual rotor crushers are designed to meet FSMA, GMA, and 3A/Dairy standards.


For Sanitary Stainless Dual Rotor Crusher

  • Bulk and Ingredient Lump Breaking
  • Pneumatic Conveying
  • Mechanical Conveying, such as Chainvey and Augers

For Sanitary Stainless Dual Rotor Crusher

  • Food
    • Sugar, Sorbitol, Salt,
  • Dairy
    • Whey permeate, Lactose, Shredded Cheese, Block Cheese
  • Bulk Material Processing
  • Chemical
  • Agriculture

Stainless Dual Rotor Crusher

Need application support or want to test your material in our test lab?

We offer application engineering support to help you solve your problems.
We also offer lab testing of our equipment “Try before you Buy.”

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