Size Reduction For Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Custom Crushers For Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Single and dual rotor crushers have been successfully applied to compliment pneumatic conveying systems and bulk handling system installations in the Dairy, Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural industries.

Streamline Your Pneumatic Conveying Process

Many times, an application’s product characteristics or process can change, producing lumps that are larger than the original material. If these lumps are not pre-conditioned through size reduction equipment like a crusher, these lumps can drop out of the air stream, build up, and clog the horizontal conveying lines.

We can configure your crusher to your custom process needs, ensuring your application comes out consistently smooth and ready to mix, even when your customers demand lumps of 3/4″—or even smaller.

Heavy Duty Crushers, Built To Last

Every dual rotor crusher we design and build is constructed of heavy-duty plate so it lasts decades. We machine our own flanges and can customize your crusher configuration to work seamlessly with your pneumatic conveying system. We build each and every machine with a commitment to quality that is rare in our industry. The robust design of our crushers ensures your equipment will stand up to years of hard work and abuse.

If you’re ready to streamline your pneumatic conveying system, contact us to work out a custom crushing solution.


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