Cement industry

Cement Lump Breaking Equipment


This machine is put into air slides to break up lumps of material to be smaller than 3/4″ inch and smaller. This results in a better product for your client which is favorable by the ease for finishers. 

Horizontal – Air Slide

They are designed to fit into your airslide with being built to meet your specific air slide geometry.  High-Speed Rotational Rotors.

Vertical – Load Out

These machines are oriented below load outs such as rail cars and silos. 


Air Purge Seals or Mechanical Seals
Slip Clutch for Unit Protection
Tsubaki Overload Motor Limiter
Shaft Guards with Access to Grease Zirc


  • Portland Cement – Airslides, Loadouts


  • Horizontal Crusher(Industrial Dual Rotor Crushers)
  • Vertical Crushers(Industrial Dual Rotor Crushers)
Industrial Dual Crusher
Lump-Breaking Equipment
Industrial Dual Crusher
Industrial Dual Crusher

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