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Machine and Process Design offers a variety of testing equipment to demonstrate the MPD equipment lines and provide accurate test data for your evaluation which includes:

  • Free initial evaluation test
  • Record torque/rpm to determine peak HP
  • Video documentation

Clients are welcome to participate in and witness testing in our facility.

Equipment Available for Testing

  • Single Drum Rotor Crushers
  • Dual Rotor Crushers
  • Single Rotor Crushers
  • Rigid Blade Hammers, Rigimill®
  • Storeveyors / Live Bottom Bin
  • Vibratory Conveyor / Screener
  • Enrobing / Tumbling Drums

These machines are available with a variety of shaft designs, screen options, hammer arrangements, pan configurations, and variable speed drives.

Our lab technicians are continually working with engineering, research and development, operations, and maintenance personnel to design, modify, and develop new equipment configurations to address specific application requirements.

Testing your specific product helps to assure that the proper equipment selection will be made, ensuring long-term reliable operation. We provide you with detailed written documentation of test results.

We can also provide you with a video recorded copy of your test.

Depending on availability, our test equipment is available for rental so you can perform a short-term or long-term test in your actual plant environment and conditions.

Need application support or want to test your material in our test lab?

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